Saturday, June 19, 2010

New habits: How to keep up

Sometimes it is hard to establish new habits. Well, it is hard to establish new habits that you would like to have. For example, I am having difficulty remembering to write on my blog. Ahhhhhh!!!!

But what can I do about it? Strategize!

First, I was going to follow my set of CAMS (compensations, accommodations and modifications list) I figured that if I followed that, then I would have material for at least half a year if I posted every day. But can I remember to post??? No, too boring.

So I modified my plan. For many years, I have been thinking that I would simply post every day and write about one thing that happened. Well, that didn't work. It sat on the back burner, and then it did work here. Once. Also, when I am in my car, I do sometimes start thinking about what to post. I guess that is a small move in the right direction.

Why am I going on and on about nothing? Well this is a blog after all (just a little humor, haha). Pedagogically, this would be called a Think Aloud. Not the joke, but the way I am thinking and writing down what I am thinking.

To use strategies takes TIME and LEARNING and HABIT forming. You have to be like a little terrier. Attack the problem. Work at it from one angle and if that doesn't work, try another angle. And another until it works.

Sounds kind of weak, but that is what you have to do. Pick the few important areas you want to work on and then fight.

Just by the way, this morning I thought that maybe I will try using my planner to remind me to blog. Not sure how though. Maybe I will write B in it every time I blog. If I just write "remember to blog" I am afraid that the phrase will just disappear into the page. Yes. I think I will mark a B on my page when I blog. Let me do it right now.

If I blog again tomorrow, then you will know that it worked. .... For now.

Now another new idea has come into my head. Maybe I should come up with a designation plan such as Monday will be from my CAMS list, Tuesday something I learned today, Wednesday... fix up an old blog. (It would be good to have pictures or links in the blogs), Thursday... ??? I will have to think about that, Friday could be a day where I am free to post or not to post. That leaves two days where I would need a theme. Not bad for a start. Anyone got ideas???

My problem is that I have too many ideas and they all get mixed up and don't go anywhere. I just thought that maybe Thursday would be my parking lot. More tomorrow.

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