Saturday, June 5, 2010

Organization: Difficulty managing daily schedule

Today, most of us lead hectic lives. For anyone, managing a daily schedule can be difficult. However, for some people managing a daily schedule is incredibly taxing. This topic was originally organized under the "math" heading. The issue could be with reading the numbers on the clock. It could also be under ADHD or memory issues where the trick is to remember to look at the calendar and to put appointments into the calendar.

Vocational/Educational Impact
This can be an exasperating topic for employers. Being late is not a good thing. Following a set schedule of work tasks is very important. Following time tables or a route map can be infinitely challenging

What to do about it?
Technology can be the savior here. There are so many ways and so many machines today that I believe there is an answer out there if you are willing to work at it. I have students who program their cell phone to remind them when to take medication. Others use the phone to leave voice messages in an auditory, to do list.

Of course, the tried and true "to do" list works for many people. Not for me, but my husband swears by it.

I might even suggest going into a major technology store and tell the salesperson, "I have difficulty ....." you fill in the blank, " and what could you suggest that would help me."

Planners are great if you know how to use them. They can be monthly calendars, weekly or daily. I have often created hour by hour schedules for my students. We included times for eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, school, travel to school, you get the picture.

I always tell people that when my boss bought me my first day planner, she insisted that I take the Franklin Covey workshop to learn how to use a planner. Many people skip this step and think that using a planner is a piece of cake. That would be wrong. Starting a new habit is very very difficult.

Good News
Although unscheduled people can be very frustrating, the spontaneity can be refreshing and fun. Life is always an adventure.

Also, I find people who have difficulty maintaining their schedule get really good at finding efficient ways to complete tasks. They are so frequently late that they have little time to get things accomplished and so often find new ways to achieve things in very little time.

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